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tv   Witness  LINKTV  June 3, 2012 8:00pm-8:21pm PDT

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>> narrator: it's the final morning. to say that this has been an amazing experience would be an understatement. it really would. having no concept of what time of the day it is, what day of the week it is, even what date it is has been very therapeutic for me. coming here was a total change of pace. it's been great. it has changed me. >> narrator: and andy's also made a big decision about a life changing career opportunity. >> andy: i was supposed to go for an interview when i got back but i've actually decided that i'm going to call them up and say i don't want to go for the interview. i don't want the job. i want to get a life. >> andy: thank you, darling. thank you.
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you send me in tears. okay. my mother: your daughter. yes. you take care. take care. thank you very much. >> tribe: andy! andy! andy! >> andy: i will not forget. i promise. no problem. bye bye >> andy: i'm really sad to leave actually. i've really enjoyed it, i mean they're such wonderful, wonderful people and my mother,
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she's just such a special person. very, very sad. closed captioning provided by linktv more at:
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